Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Consumer Lust

I can honestly say I lust droolingly over nearly every product listed on this website.

I'm going to the actual store on Saturday and planning to drop some money on this baby for the first time. It's just so hard to tell what is really going to work, though. I know a lot of the stuff (like the diaper snappies or the swaddling blankets) are just specialized gadgets to make a particular job easier - I could make do with plain old pins and receiving blankets. Then again, there are likely products there than in 2 years, I will be evangelizing to new moms that I could not live without. How am I going to figure out which ones are which? There's the adventure.

By the way, as of today I have been pregnant for 200 days. What have you done for 200 days in a row?


Anonymous said...

From my experience with diapers... the harder it is to do up, the better the chances that your baby will keep them on once baby has figured out how to use hands.

On a side note, I cannot WAIT to find out if I should call baby a he or a she! You must be even more ready to find out.

Have fun doing your shopping.

adequatemom said...

Good advice on the diapers, J! Thank you!

And yes, I am VERY tired of doing the s/he thing!


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