Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special Sunday Quiz Time!

My contributions were quoted at one of my very favourite blogs, Rants From Mommyland. I was quoted once in this post and once in this one. Can YOU guess which contributions were mine?


rheadeja said...

I guess the park one and the being late one.

Amberism said...

The first one was easy - addicted to Blues Clues dvds! ;)

The second one I have two guesses, the first being the same as rheadeja about being late!

sarapants said...

Definitely the Blue's Clues one...that was a dead giveaway.
And in the second post, I'd say the being late one was yours.
My "I'll never" is regarding runny noses. I was always so disturbed by kids running around with snotty noses that weren't being wiped. I swore that would never be my kid.
And then Scott was born.

adequatemom said...

You guys are all smartypants(es). I contributed the being late and the Blues Clues DVDs comments. So you all know me pretty damn well!

Amberism said...

...we *are* listening (er, well, reading!)!

I'm stupid proud of myself for this, too. I can't decide if that's sad or not.

Amberism said...

My "I never" was food in my living room. It completely disgusted me when parents let their kids eat and make a mess all over the living room. A kid should eat at the table. It's good manners.

Right. My living room is gross.


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