Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fresh Air Fund

It's a stunningly gorgeous day here on Vancouver Island.

I got an email today from Sara Wilson at the Fresh Air Fund. I had never heard of this organization but I went to check it out. They are a non-profit society that arranges free two-week vacations for underprivileged inner-city kids, vacations where they stay with a host family and experience things they might never get to otherwise: beach-swimming, tree-climbing, horse-riding, campfire-singing. General outside-the-house-existing. Things that I am fond of.
Sara's email told me that from now until June 30th, every dollar given will be matched by a group of generous donors. So if I give $5, it will magically turn into ten. I like that kind of math.
Anyway, being nostalgic for the summer vacations of my own youth, I've put a banner up on the sidebar. I think kids need to play outside - it's good for our souls. It makes me sad to think of how many kids don't get to do that. If you can help by throwing a few bucks their way, that's great; especially if you manage to do it by June 30th, when your few bucks will magically multiply. Also, go check out the Fresh Air site and re-post a link or banner to your own blog or even on Facebook. Let's get this viral marketing thing working in our favour, hey?

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Barbara Rahal said...

Hi, I got the same email and would like to post on my blog, hw did you egt the banner?? could you send me the link to also help this with a banner like yours?? thanks B


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