Monday, September 1, 2008

Awkward Stage

Gwen has hit an awkward stage.

She can roll over from back to front very reliably now - I put her down on her blanket to play, and by the time I've straightened up she's flipped onto her tummy. Impressive, for sure. But she hasn't totally mastered the moves to get from her tummy onto her back, and she sure as heck can't crawl yet, so sometime between 10 seconds and five minutes later she'll get all frustrated and upset and I have to come rescue her by putting her onto her back again.

At which point she flips over again. Whee!

She's so into this rolling over thing that she's doing it at night. I remind you, she is swaddled to sleep: and yet, she flips over in her crib. If you think turning your frustrated child over is annoying during the day, just wait till you try it at three in the morning!

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