Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

What did I do on my first Mother's Day?
Well, Gwen got me a card (she's surprisingly advanced, you know) which was addressed to 'snort-snort-wahhh' - that's Gwenese for 'dearest mother'. Chris got me a card too.

I got given these cards during the morning nursing, and from then until 1pm Chris was in his den doing God-knows-what while I, y'know, mothered.

At 1:30pm our good friends Mike and Jenn and their daughter Zoe showed up for a visit, which was lovely. They are all perfectly in love with Gwen, of course, because she's perfectly lovable. Zoe was especially enjoyable, as by the end of the visit she was instructing Chris and I on how to carry and soothe the baby.
At 4:30pm they headed back to Victoria while Chris and I got Gwen ready for our first multi-hour outing, a dinner at Chris's parents' place. We were there for about 4 hours total, and I nursed her twice and changed her once, and all was well. Then we came home to bed.

But really, there's a better way to tell you about Mother's Day.

On my first Mother's Day, Gwen's honourary cousin Zoe got a picture taken with the baby.

And Zoe's mother Jenn got her picture taken with the baby.

And Gwen's honourary uncle Mike got his picture taken with the baby.

And Gwen's daddy Chris got his picture taken with the baby.

And Gwen's grandpa Keith got his picture taken with the baby (an awesome picture showing their matching bald spots!).
And Gwen's grandma Karen got her picture taken with the baby.
And hell, even Keith and Karen's dog Fritz got his picture taken with the baby, and actually this was stunningly important to them, though I'm not totally sure I understand why.

Notice anyone missing?

Meh. Hope everyone had a perfectly smashing Mother's Day, and that you have pictures to prove it!

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Amberism said...

I stayed upstairs nursing Claire extra long because I thought Steve was making me breakfast.

He didn't make me breakfast. But I still got spoiled (well, he was told that he would be spoiling me).

And I'm with you on the pictures. Why don't they ever take OUR picture with our babes? WHY? I still don't have a picture of me with both my kids. Steve has promised to set up a backyard picture taking day.


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