Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommy & Daddy's Date

We went out to Chapters to buy a Mother's Day present for my mom, then to Dairy Queen on the way home.


I didn't feel as anxious as I expected, leaving Mah Preshus Baybeh with someone else for the first time - likely, the fact that there was formula in the fridge to stave off any meltdowns helped with that fact. However, as predicted it was nearly impossible to think/talk about any subject other than Gwen.

Well, give me a break, all I've done for the past 16 days is take care of her. How could I have anything else to talk about??

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Amberism said...

yeah, Steve and I went for our anniversary dinner about 8 weeks after Callum was born and actually played a game thinking up Topics Other Than Callum :).


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