Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yesterday was not a good day

Last week I went to a special yoga class, a one-off fundraiser for the local Child Development Centre. I was really happy to be back at yoga after a whole summer of not being able to find a class to attend. The session was really challenging after such a long break - not just for me, either.

Near the end of class as we lay prone in the Savasana pose, I heard strange noises coming from the woman next to me. It sounded like she was having difficulty breathing; the noises were like soft whimpers, without much breath to support them. I was getting really worried and starting to wonder if she needed help, when it finally dawned on me what the noises were. She'd fallen asleep on her mat. I immediately stopped being worried for her safety and instead felt completely mortified on her behalf.

As impossible as this story may seem to top, I've topped it - in less than a week.

Last night, I went to the first session of the new yoga class I joined. It's held in a lovely home-based studio, with a bathroom/changeroom right next door. And how is it relevant to the story that the bathroom is located so close? Well, because if someone were to use the bathroom for any purpose during a yoga session - you know, while the soft music is playing and the lights are dimmed and everyone's quietly breathing and focussing on their bodies - everyone in the studio would be able to hear you.

And if, say, you were 12 weeks pregnant and your body suddenly decided to make up for 12 weeks practically vomit-free, and make you void the entire contents of your stomach right next to 8 people who are trying to relax to the soothing sounds of your guts heaving, I'd say you topped the "falling asleep at yoga class" story quite definitively.


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