Friday, March 9, 2012

My Inscrutable Child

These two incidents happened in the exact same day and serve to illustrate how children's brains work really differently from ours, and how very weird parenting is.

Incident 1:
I am driving Gwen to preschool, using the same route we use every time (two days of preschool every week = four times a week on this route). She suddenly says, "Hey! That's the park where we were in a race." I have no idea what she's talking about, so I try to get her to tell me more. After a few more little clues, it turns out she is remembering being in an egg race (you know, where you hold an egg on a spoon and try not to drop it) back in June of last year. She is entirely correct that this is, indeed, the same park.

I am quite impressed by her ability to recall this event, nine months later.

Incident 2:
Gwen is using the bathroom at home. She has been potty trained for ~15 months, so I could estimate that she has used the bathroom approximately 2,281 times since then. I go into the bathroom to see how she is doing; she has stood up from the toilet but not flushed, which allows me to see the disappointing absence of a used wipe floating therein. "Did you remember to wipe?" I ask. "No! I forgot," she says. "How come you forget to wipe sometimes?" I ask. "Sometimes I just forget stuff like that," she responds.

Too busy reminiscing about egg races, I guess.

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Amberism said...

I've heard that they can "forget" to wipe until they are like, 9. bah.


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