Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In January when Chris finished his lengthy career assessment process with SetBC, we learned that the type of work he was most suited for, across all variables, was Military/Law Enforcement. And then I had to go and veto it, because I don’t want him being shipped overseas (Military) or required to relocate every few years (Law Enforcement) or being shot at (both). Guess what? It turns out there's a Military/Law Enforcement job that doesn't require either of these - the Sheriff Department. And this Saturday, Chris will have his chance to complete Step 3 of the 7-step application process to become a new Sheriff recruit.

So you guys, I need a favour.

This Saturday, May 28th, between 12:30 and 3:30, I need you to channel all the positive energy in the Universe onto my husband, who will be completing the SOPAT (Sheriff Officer Physical Abilities Test) that day in Victoria. After successfully completing the test within the allotted time, he will then be asked to move on to the next steps:

- Completion of pre-entry questionnaire which begins the search into your lifestyle
- Panel interview, including lifestyle and integrity questionnaire
- Background check – employment and character reference check
- Medical check

If this process seems intense, well, it is. Sheriffs are important people: they provide security at courthouses and holding cells, and are responsible for safe transport between the two locations. Thanks to the governmental hiring freeze, there is a province-wide shortage of Sheriffs across BC, which has led to some judges refusing to run their courtrooms, since there wasn’t adequate security. While the union and the public pressure are asking for as many as 100 Sheriffs to be hired in BC, there are currently only a handful of postings. One of them is in our hometown.

The combination of a desperate need and a hiring freeze has made the application process rather bumpy, and many of those bumps are not yet ironed out. Moreover, the competition is likely fierce. So like I said - I am asking for every ounce of focussed intensity to wish my man good luck, nerves of steel and boundless energy. After six months of unemployment, he has a real shot at his dream job.

I will keep you all posted on the result!


mrsbingley said...

Will do, Laura! That is a wonderful opportunity for Chris.

I understand your concerns about military/police work. My very best friend is married to an amazing man who, in the course of their 10 year marriage, has been in the military, a Customs Agent (border guard) and is now a police officer. It can definitely be scary at times, and I'm glad that there is a similar, less scary option that should work for your family!

Amberism said...

Sending tonnes and tonnes of positive energy!! Good luck Chris!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Wow - good luck to Chris! You'll be in my thoughts this Saturday for sure!

Anonymous said...

sending tons of prayers and love to you guys. How exciting for is the perfect job for him!


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