Monday, May 16, 2011


I had every intention of posting here on Friday, and in fact had half a post in my drafts folder, but Blogger seems to be experiencing some instability and not only did that post disappear (no great loss) but the one I actually posted, "My Particular Girl", only seems to be visible at certain times to certain people. It's always something.

Today I want to report that Gwen still mispronounces breakfast as brefikt, and milk as mluk and that I still find these things cute as hell.

Also, that yesterday she played by herself for large stretches of the day. She does this weird thing where she pretends the parts of her body are separate beings, with voices and feelings and appetites. To the point where if she is kicking while I try to put her blankets on at night, and I ask her, "Gwen, please stop kicking," she says, "It's just my feet, Mom," and I then have to say, "Feet, please stop kicking so I can put your blankets on." Yeah, it's a little weird but I figure it's all part of imaginative play and figuring out who she is in the world and so on. Anyway, on Sunday, she turned her hands and feet into playmates and spent a lot of time talking to them and having them talk back to her. The same way you would expect a kid to play with a doll or a car or a toy animal, only it was just her hands.

Okay, this totally makes her sound like a nutjob, doesn't it?!

The awesome part for me was that she was quite carried away in this play and left me out of it. I think there was a good hour or so when she was doing that, and I was on the couch reading, and life was just grand. This first glimpse of independence is just a thrill!

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or was it really only 2, maybe 3 months ago when you experienced such intense longing for Gwen to play on her own for at least 10 minutes!? Way to go all of you!!



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