Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa...

A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged Gwen to "write a letter to Santa" which meant that I prompted her to answer some Santa-related questions while I wrote down every word of her stream-of-consciousness goofiness. HERE is the result!

Dear Santa,
I've been super good because I'm Super Gwen. I like to play dress-up, I want to go upstairs and colour. I want to colour. I'm making a picture of a jump-a-rope. I want to show Santa my jump-a-rope. I want to eat a snack because I like snacks. Please. For Christmas I want a rocket ship and a space suit. And a jack in the box, I love that too. Outer space! I'm going to go get my toy, Buzz. I'll be right back. Drawing is fun.

Merry Christmas, Santa!
Love from Gwen.

"It's a jump-a-rope
by Gwen for Santa"

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