Monday, September 14, 2009

Gwen's grandparents came to visit this weekend. To celebrate, we took no pictures whatsoever. Instead, here are some other random pictures to make up for the fact that I have no time to post something meaningful.

Here is Gwen smiling after doing some colouring.
We bought Gwen this adorable chair at Jysk. She loves it, because she can get into it and out of it by herself. Yay for independence!

Obligatory "back to school" picture. This is the "daycare bag" and has very little in it: a stuffed bunny and some diapers. So sometimes we make her carry it.

Playing with some hand puppets.

When you ask Gwen to "say cheese", she thinks you are saying "say cheers". So she hoists an imaginary drink and clunks it into the camera.


sarapants said...

Okay, the last one made me laugh out loud. For a longer time than one might expect. Cheers Gwen!

Kim said...

LOL - it's awesome that she knows how to cheers! Go, Gwen, Go!


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