Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behold the Teeth!

I was going through a bunch of photographs the other night, having finally stumbled upon the red-eye-erasing tool, and was stunned to notice the drastic change in Gwen's appearance from only a month ago. Her teeth have made a huge difference!
August 3rd - four teeth
September 6th - 10 teeth
Incidentally, in that second picture she is dancing in her booster seat, thus the head tilt. Goin' for the Axl Rose moves, I guess?


Kim said...

My Gwen had one big front tooth for so long and I kinda miss that look :( I love the head tilt!

Amberism said...

I can't really see a drastic change (but I'm just not that person, no eye for that sort of thing) but what I can see? Damn, she's cute :).

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Oh my lord you must have had some suffering - 6 teeth in a month?!?!? Wow!


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