Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Girl

Everywhere we go, they say she looks like Chris.

"Wow, Laura, she looks EXACTLY like ... (dramatic pause) ... your husband!"

My favourite is when a stranger comments on her beauty, and then follows it up with "I guess she looks like her daddy!" Um, wait, did you just call me ugly?

She has my blue eyes. That much is inarguable. But as for the rest of her, they all say she looks just like her dad.

But I see something more. If her eyes are blue like mine, maybe I can take credit for the mischievous twinkle in them as well. I see myself in her smile, her silliness, her familiar tendency to grab all the attention in the room and entertain everyone for as long as she can.

It could be wishful thinking, but I see it. Do you?


Kim said...

I love it!! She definitely looks like a mini mini-Laura!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I know you well, and I'm not as familiar with Chris's face but... I think she looks like you. Have for a long time!

mrsbingley said...

Really? I'm actually kind of surprised, because I've always thought that she looks just like you!

Unknown said...

I have always thought she looks more like you than me.

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

I vote for Gwen being a mommy's girl too! It's always easiest to see when you compare baby pics.Her eyes, cheeks, face shape, grin...SO MUCH like you!


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