Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have returned

My weekend away was great. Gwen, from all reports, had a terrific time as well. Chris kept me up to date via text message and Facebook status messages (4:31pm: Chris: Gwen, don't touch that. It is fragile. Gwen (Trying to use the DVD player as a climbing hold) : NUH! (her version of no.) Chris: Ah, and now backtalking begins. Gwen sprouts a huge grin). Good times. Also - hi, Chris! Welcome to my life!

For the most part I found it easier than I expected to be away from my little girl. It was difficult to actually leave on Friday afternoon, which was odd, because I leave her all the time, and of course she had no idea that I wouldn't be back in a couple of hours like I usually am. But I almost got tearful as I walked out. The other exception was on Sunday morning, when I woke up and felt ready to go home. I was really starting to miss her, and the feeling intensified over the 2-hour drive home. I imagined a giant grin and an excited hug when I finally appeared, but such was not to be. Gwen can be affectionate, but it's on her own terms - just because Mama happens to wander in after an absence of over 48 hours doesn't mean she's going to stop playing with her fascinating array of toys, I guess.

So, the sad part is that she didn't seem to miss me one bit. But the good part is, she didn't seem to miss me one bit. Despite the fact that this makes me feel a little sorry for myself, the bigger picture is that she is doing fine, and that's great. She's growing up. Sniff, sniff.... I'll just be over here with the ice cream, weeping over her outgrown onesies...

My big girl after getting her first haircut.

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