Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crying to Calm Video Contest

Hey y'all,

Here's a forwarded message from the good folk at Miracle Blanket:

The Crying to Calm video contest we’ve launched isn’t getting any response. And I have a feeling it may actually be easier than most people think. It’s likely not a lot of new parents want to grab the video camera at night when they’re putting their newborn down. (Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be at night, it might be a mid-day nap.) So, even though we all know that the MB works nearly every time, we are not going to receive as many entries as you might think. So I wanted to personally invite everyone to keep it in mind and maybe take a shot at making a little extra cash.

Remember the grand prize is $500! And there is also a second place $100 and third place $50.

What we're looking for is the best video example demonstrating the true miracle of Miracle Blanket®. See what you can capture on video showing your baby going from fussy & crying to a peaceful serenity after being wrapped in the Miracle Blanket. Quality is not super important, but it has to be a continuous roll with no cuts, transitions, edits so we can see the actual, real-time effect of the Miracle Blanket.

If you have any suggestions on getting this thing rolling, I’m open to ideas! I’m also asking that you pass the word along to your readers or friends. Heck, feel free to even borrow a baby if you don’t have a newborn age 0-3 any longer.

You never know, you could win $500! Here are the complete rules and details:

So here I am, spreading the word. Dude, I so could have won this thing if I'd heard about it, like, a YEAR ago! I'd have shot footage of Gwen every darn day. But as it is, I have no video of her in the MB, so I'm SOL. Too bad, because that $500 would come in handy. Anyway, feel free to enter yourselves, and forward this on with abandon!

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