Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trip to PR, and Happy New Year!

Hmm, didn't mean to disappear there! Sorry. It's been so long since I posted, I think I'd better just sum up.

We went to Powell River to visit my family last weekend! Gwen got to spend time with her grandparents, her auntie and cousins, and even her great grandparents.

She especially seemed to enjoy the bustle and activity of her big cousins, Andrew and Scotty. It won't be long till she's right in the centre of the action.

(Scott is blurry in this picture. This is an accurate portrayal of events.)

Gwen was pretty busy too. She can now crawl AND pull to standing AND immediately zero in on the most dangerous place to do either of these things! So she spent a lot of time here.

The trip home was INSANE. An earlier sailing was cancelled, which meant our afternoon was filled with fears about our own sailing being cancelled, combined with the knowledge that even if it wasn't, the boat would be crowded with all the people who'd planned to take that earlier boat. We spent over two hours in the ferry lineup! With Gwen! While the skies poured copious amounts of rain on us! Guess how fun that was!

(Hint: the answer is zero. Zero Fun!)

Once on the Island, we were greeted with flooded roads, blowing snow, and near-whiteout conditions. We drove the Island Highway from Comox to Nanaimo at 40 km/hour. It's usually a 60-90 minute trip. This night, it took us 2.5 hours. We got home shortly after 10pm, and Gwen kindly informed us that she'd gotten plenty of sleep on the drive, thank you, and would now like to stay up until midnight! That was mostly okay with us, frankly, since we were just so happy to be home safely.

So, that was our trip. We're now trying to get back to "normal" - whatever that is. Gwen's new mobility has made it a real challenge for me to find computer time, but I have a couple posts brewing that I hope to put together soon. In the meantime, I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year, and that you have something in your life that you enjoy as much as Gwen enjoys her applesauce.

Mom, that was quite a stretch. Do you really believe nobody will see through that bizarre segue to conclude that you would concoct any flimsy excuse to post a picture of me making a silly face?

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