Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does It Count?

Gwen is getting very enthusiastic about waving hello or goodbye. Last week, she dropped a toy off her change table and then waved goodbye to it, which I thought was awesome. On Saturday, she was waving goodbye at her grandpa who was going out to walk the dog. The four adults in the room, of course, were also waving giddily and saying "Bye bye! Bye bye!" Then Gwen said "bah-bah" as she waved. Does that count as her first word? Does she simply recognize that that's what you say when you're waving your hand around? Or is that kind of the definition of communication anyway?

On Monday night, Gwen sort of slept through the night. She cried for nearly an hour first, as Chris and I took turns sitting with her. She finally fell asleep at about 8pm. The next I heard from her was at 3:45am - she was whimpering in her sleep. The whimpering continued on and off until 5am (with me sleeping on and off during this time), at which point I finally got up and made her a bottle. When I went in her room, however, she didn't seem awake enough to pick up, so I just sat next to her crib and rubbed her back for ten minutes. Soon she fell into a deeper sleep, I crept out of the room, and she slept until 8:30am.

(A moment of glorious, reverential silence in recognition of the day Gwen let me sleep in until 8:30am. O my daughter, how I love thee!)

So, does that count as sleeping through the night? She did need a bit of assistance there at 5am, but she didn't feed during the night, and that's pretty cool.

(Similar thing happened last night: long crying session, good deep sleep, no night feeds. But got up at 6:30am, which wasn't quite as pleasant.)

I think Gwen is pretty much weaned. I know for certain I haven't stuck my boob in her mouth in over three days, and before that I can't even remember the last functional nursing session we had (as opposed to the usual "hey look, there's Mom's boob, what a PERFECT teething toy!"). I don't think she's been actually nursing for a week or so. Wow. As soon as I get some money, I'm going to go buy myself a pretty, lacy, NON-NURSING bra.


Amberism said...

I think the books consider sleeping til 5 am is sleeping through the night?

To me, if they are up at 6 am, that's morning (not technically my definition of morning, which is more like say, 8:30, but I can respect that other people get up early, although thankfully, 7 am seems to be the norm for us, most days anyway...)

I don't feed in the night anymore, and if there is an occasion where Miss Bear seems like she's starving, I will feed her, but then make an effort to make sure she's getting more to eat during the day. I read once, somewhere, that by 9 mths if they are getting their caloric needs met during the day, they'll sleep all night. So far this has worked with my own kids, which doesn't mean anything to you unless it works for you but here I am dispensing unsolicited advice anyway. heh. :).

Kat said...

That totally counts. She is communicating! And she is using her first words to tell you all that she wants you to go away. Momentous.

Jen said...

It counts, it counts! Yay Gwen!


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