Monday, December 15, 2008


I have a nasty head cold. I think it's the third one I have had since giving birth. This is remarkable for two reasons: first, because when I was pregnant I had no colds whatsoever the entire time, so I've kind of forgotten how awful being sick is. Second, because when you are a nursing mom you can't take any freakin thing to make you feel better.

It's a very, very bad sign when you spend the entire night fantasizing about decongestants. Not winning the lottery, not discovering a calorie-free ice cream, not even a guaranteed method of getting your baby to sleep for 12 hours straight. Just plain old cold medication. The stuff that dreams are made of!

Even herbal stuff is contraindicated. I tried buying some herbal tea that was supposed to help decongestify me, but the box said "Not for nursing mothers". Even echinacea is off the list. The only thing I can actually take is Vitamin C, and whether that will even do any good is up for debate.

Seriously, how do other moms deal with this? I've had three colds this winter already, and we all know that being a mom increases the odds of getting sick as our kids share their toys and germs with equal devotion. And some moms breastfeed for years. Are we supposed to just suffer through the repeat illnesses, clinging to our Kleenex boxes and slogging around in a daze? There has got to be something out there that's safe for nursing moms. Otherwise we're going to flood the world with the force of our collective mucous.


Natalie said...

Have you tried a neti pot?

The warm salt water really helped me unclog my sinuses. I was grossed out at first by the thought of it, but it helped SO much when I was nursing and unable to take meds. Also: most cough drops are okay, and there are some with a little menthol in them that will help clear up the sinuses sometimes.

Feel better!

Jen said...

I feel your pain! I had a cold in September and I have strep now.

I've used hot steam (good old towel over a boiling bowl of water!), salt water gargles, saline drops for my nose, drinking tea (any kind!) and I do use Halls. I find they help keep me comfortable and clear things up a little.

Amberism said...

I understand! And Steve whines and whimpers when he's sick BUT HE CAN HAVE MEDICINE. Its agony!

I say try the neti pot, it's suppose to be awesome, my pharmacy sister-in-law says its great so there's three endorsements for it!


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