Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear Gestating Baby

Dear gestating baby girl,

As of today, you are 32 weeks old. I've been pregnant for 34 weeks. Someday, a long long time from now, I'll explain to you how that whole complicated thing works. But not today.

Today, I want to share with you some of the things we've learned about you lately. It seems like in the past few weeks, you've started to become a real little person, and although we haven't met you officially yet, there are some things your dad and I feel familiar with already. For example, you are a very active baby. When I get into bed at night and lie down on my side, which is the only position pregnant ladies can sleep in, you start kicking and punching me on both sides of my abdomen simultaneously. Sometimes you move with so much strength that you make me jump. Your dad, who often has his hand on my belly to experience some of this excitement, says we're going to have a hard time keeping up with you when you start moving around on the outside.

Being your punching bag doesn't really bother me that much, even though sometimes it does hurt. I think it's cool how much you move around and how strong and big you are, and I love being able to feel your limbs sliding around underneath my skin. I also love how responsive you are. When your dad puts his face near my belly and talks to you, you move immediately to hear him better and let him know that you're listening. Whenever either of us puts a hand on my belly for more than a couple of seconds, you kick or punch that spot as if you're playing a game with us. The other day, the midwife was measuring my belly and as she moved her hands around the edges trying to get the accurate spot, you decided to kick her too. It's obvious to us that you are very playful, and I hope you are looking forward to a whole world worth of fun after you are born.

Another thing you often respond to is music, which makes your parents very happy, because we both love music. It's hard to say what exactly your tastes are, but you seem to respond to anything with a good rhythm and a loud bass line, which encompasses everything from techno/trance to Taiko drums. You also like it when I sing, which is good because I do that a lot. I wonder how it sounds to you in your watery womb when I'm practicing my choir music or singing along to the radio?

All in all, baby girl, you seem like a strong, feisty, playful and fun-loving person, and that suits your dad and I just fine. We are looking forward to meeting you in only six short weeks.

Your Mama

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