Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ah, the joy of mood swings.

Last night and today have been easier than yesterday. Perhaps I'm on an upswing - I can't dare to hope that the worst is over, because the second trimester is a very long way away. But I can be grateful for the good times, or to be more honest the Less Awful Times, when they are here.

Chris called me at work to discuss our plans for the evening, including the usual "What are we doing for dinner?" conversation. I was pleased that I could actually think about food at 2pm, as the last two days would have seen me turn green at even the thought. We decided hamburgers, as Protein is Fun. Sounds great to me - no dishes to do, no cooking on my part, very little prep for me and he does the actual work of cooking. Fast and easy and Bursting with Protein.

Anyway, he also mentioned that Greg was planning to stop by after work and that Chris might ask him to hold a couple fence panels in place while he attaches them. A pause, then "I can hold fence panels up too, you know." Chris agreed in principle that I am capable of this skill, but "for the past three days you're having trouble holding up yourself." "I know," I said, "But I don't like to be reminded of that! I like to believe that I could hold up fence panels if you needed me to! Why do you have to rub it in?"

I was kind of fake-crying but in reality making a bit of a joke of it. It's true, when I got home from work yesterday I confessed that all I'd thought about all day was lying on the couch. Does that sound like your dream partner for a fence project? We had a laugh about it and I agreed that if he had asked me to help him, I would have been rude and sarcastic and "up in his face" (his words) about how could you possibly expect me to help with this, I AM PREGNANT AND MUST BE HORIZONTAL AT ALL TIMES!

So yes, I am incredibly difficult to please. But at least I have a sense of humour about it, which I hope Chris sees as a benefit.

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