Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb Photo a Day Challenge Day 15: Phone

You guys you guys you guys. Everyone else in the world has a smartphone, but I have a dumbphone. It is so old and very very cheap and it desperately needs to be upgraded. If I have ever sent you a text message, be grateful (and forgiving) because check it out - what you see right there? That's the only keyboard. Yes, my phone and I are stuck in the late 1990s and it is so sad (in a ridiculous first-world-problem kind of way). So there it is, there's my phone, with a picture of Gwen from 2008 because I can't figure out how to update it. OH, and since I seem to have lucked into an excuse to bitch about my phone, let me also tell you that its most annoying function is a very small inbox/outbox size, combined with the inability to delete more than one message at a time, so every time the box gets full I have to go through and delete each message individually. It is SO FUN.

My plan is to buy myself a smartphone (probably an iPhone) as a graduation gift this Spring. Well, maybe I should say "intention" rather than "plan" because "plan" kind of indicates that I have some idea of how I'm going to pay for it, and I do not.

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