Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five

1. Chris had his interview with Sheriff Services yesterday. He feels it went really well and that he has passed that stage and is on to the next. Not sure when (if?) we will get official word on this or whether they will just dive in to checking his references. If all his references are good, and his lifestyle questionnaire is to their liking, we should hear within a couple of weeks that he needs to go get a medical check - the final stage in the selection process before officially becoming a recruit.

2. Gwen is developing some incredible new cognitive skills. At bedtime, I ask her, "What was the best part of your day?" and she has started asking me and Chris about the best parts of our day. I don't know if this is true empathy yet, but even if not, it's cool that she's picking up on conversational give-and-take.

3. We had an amazing stay-cation last week (July 1-10). I'm going to blog all about it next week. In the meantime, please be aware that we did do things on stay-cation OTHER than eating. But not much. There is nothing that child likes more than eating outdoors, and who am I to deny that dream? It's summer!

4. I've just started my second-to-last university course. It's called "Psychology of Women" and it is FASCINATING. I plan to graduate by next summer.

5. In Gwen's continuing quest to orient herself in the world, we've been having quite a few conversations about genitalia lately. So don't be surprised when she comes up to you and tells you that because you are a girl/boy, you have a vulva/penis. Hopefully she won't go so far as to ask to see it. No guarantees.

Have a great weekend!

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Amberism said...

We talk a lot about penises (penisi? whatever) and vaginas over here. A LOT. A few weeks ago the cousins from Calgary were here and Callum asked his cousin Justin (6) if he had a penis. Apparently Justin had no idea (this is what I heard second hand, no idea if that was true). Also? My sis-in-law was annoyed after the visit because now Justin talks the penis talk.


And I expect blog posts about that course, or even a reading list. It sounds fascinating!!


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