Sunday, April 24, 2011


I feel terribly guilty for not having posted a birthday newsletter or slideshow or any other exciting stuff on the blog (let alone an actual post). Today is Gwen's third birthday and it also marks the first time the 24th of the month has come and gone without a newsletter. There was a lot going on this weekend: not only birthday stuff, but Easter stuff, and family visiting, and Chris working ridiculous retail hours (he got a part-time retail job), and maybe - just MAYBE - I could have found time to get the blog stuff done on top of all that, if I hadn't gone and got myself the stomach flu. I'm on Day Three of it now and frankly, I am more than ready for it to be done. I had some times today where I actually felt human for a couple of hours, but this thing is really kicking my ass. And now Chris has it too. Violently expelling everything I've ever eaten from both ends of my body at once is a little bit too much of a flashback to the days after Gwen's birth, when we all battled the Norovirus.

So far, Gwen is fine. Thank goodness. Nursing myself through this is horrible enough, but watching her go through this would be hell.

And she had a wonderful birthday with many adventures. Which I will share with you all when ... well, when I can.

This has not been much of a weekend. I think I want a do-over.

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MamaT said...

:( Hope you're both feeling better very soon, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Gwen doesn't get it too.
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures soon!


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