Monday, January 17, 2011


A plastic hoop that you twirl around your waist is called a hoop-a-loop.

A rope that you use for jumping is called a jump-a-rope.

Something you crawl through, and which trains also go through, is called a tuttle.

The list of ingredients and instructions for making cookies is called a rest-a-pee.

An musical instrument that has a lot of black and white keys is called a pee-nano.

Another musical instrument with different holes that you blow into is called a monica.

A delicious pasta dinner is called noonles.

The meal you eat in the morning is called bre-fikt.

A wonderful place with slides and swings is called a paingond.

A place you go to learn about history and space and dinosaurs is called a mus-amm.

We live in a country called Candada.

The things you hang on the Christmas tree are ordamints.

The white fluffy things that fall from the sky in winter are snow-flacks.


Jen said...

LOL this reminds me of Anderson. So similar! Adorable...

Sally said...

The reminds me of my friend's 2-year-old, with whom we had dinner on the weekend. He has a lot of words but most of them are still really hard to understand. He's really into penguins, and his word for them is about as adorable as they come: ping-bong. The best past is that he knows it's cute, so he has a sly little grin every time he refers to them.

Kat said...

I love noonles also, had some for dinner last night!


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