Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Silver dress from Value Village: $12.99
Makeup and fake blood from Save on Foods: $5.00
Liquid Latex from Patty's Party Palace: $5.99
Talcum powder for that just-exited-the-grave look: free at your baby shower
Registration fee for charity: $25

Thrilling the World - completely freakin' priceless. Can't wait till next year!


Amberism said...


I want to see the professional video, though! If you see it floating around, link to it so I can see it! The amateur videos (no offense to Chris and Mike :) ) are good, but I want to get the whole feeling!

adequatemom said...

Believe me, I'd really like to see it too! There was an Internet TV station there that was supposed to be streaming it live ... it never worked, and the video itself has not surfaced. *grumble*

Anonymous said...

...I wore that very dress for the Chocolate potluck one year....


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