Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five

This blog has been quiet lately because life has not been. I'm sorry if that sucks for you. On my own behalf I'm not really sorry at all because I've been having an amazing summer. I don't want to feel like I have to write when I have nothing to say, or no time to say it ... that's the sort of thing I only do when earning either school credits or actual dollars.

1. On Tuesday, August 31st, Gwen responded to a "Why" question with an actual answer. This is very exciting. Previously, she would respond to "Why" with a blank stare, and then about a week ago she started to reply "Because ..." and my heart nearly exploded with excitement and then she continued "...why?" GAHHH what a letdown. But on Tuesday, we were playing the "scare me" game (which is when she wants me to say BOO so she can shriek in delighted terror and say, "you scared me, Mom!") and she said, "I'm scared!" and I asked "Why are you scared?" and she answered, "Because ... I'm a ghost!" Further discussion with Chris revealed that there is an episode of Blue's Clues featuring a ghost who is afraid of pretty much everything, which is probably what she is imitating. But guess what? I don't care. She answered a "Why" question with a real and useful answer. The whole world is open now! Why are you crying? Why are you sad? Why did you make a mess? Why did you hit your friend? Why didn't you have a good day? Why won't you eat your dinner? THESE QUESTIONS MAY SOON HAVE ANSWERS. Although they may all be, "Because ... I'm a ghost!"

2. Yes, I am well aware that the next step is her asking us "Why?" approximately 2,793,481,015 times a day. I'm still proud, dammit. The why/because thing is a pretty hard concept to learn and I am excited that she's made the connection.

3. Potty training. My original idea was to lock Gwen and I in a room for three solid days and Make It Happen. Because that is my personality and that is the way I understand things. Instead, Gwen picked a time when there is literally NO free time for us to do this - the month of August, when we were either travelling or having company every single weekend - and decided that she was Ready. The lack of dedicated time means that this in an Ongoing Process rather than Potty Boot Camp, and while that is more challenging for me, I think it's working for Gwen. She is in charge and that's the way she likes it. She goes back and forth: last Friday, the only time she had a wet diaper was during her naptime; on Monday, she turned down every single offer of the potty. But we'll get there. The end of diapers is in sight. I can't even completely grasp how awesome that will be.

4. Gwen is now tall enough to turn off her bedroom light without assistance. She can also turn it back on again. She thinks this is the coolest thing in the world, and I can't help but agree. Mostly because (a) so far, she only does either of these things when prompted, and (b) she hasn't yet realized that she can reach all the other light switches in the house too.

5. As you read this, Chris and I are on our way to North Vancouver to enjoy a trip I won from the local radio station back in April. My parents have come over to take care of Gwen for the weekend, which is awesome in itself as they don't get to spend as much time with her as her other set of grandparents do. Chris and I will be going to the PNE, renting canoes, doing a Sea Safari tour, going whitewater rafting, and fingers-crossed-please-let-it-still-be-playing seeing a movie. Oh and staying at a fancy-schmancy hotel. Almost all of this for free. Stoked does not even BEGIN to cover it. (Also, I am trying to be extra stoked to try and hide from myself how much I will miss Gwen - three nights away from her is the longest time yet.) (Also, I am totally aware of how lame I sound when I say that.)

Have a great (potentially long) weekend!

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Amberism said...

Have a fabulous trip!

Claire is potty trained, assuming she isn't wearing any pants. Or panties. Or diaper. So, you know, if she could wander around half naked forever, I'm set! (in other words, the process is ongoing over here too ;) ).


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