Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Videos - at last!

Thanks to my new super-speedy laptop, I actually got these videos edited and ready to post the day I shot the footage, which has, like, NEVER happened before. Then I entered upon a two three four five-day odyssey to figure out how to post them. Posting directly to Blogger doesn't work anymore, so instead I have to upload them to Youtube, create a playlist, create a custom player that plays videos from that playlist, then embed that custom player here. If this doesn't work I might just put spikes in my eyes, only probably not, because I am already feeling pretty lousy today (strep throat, my old and familiar nemesis) and Gwen's actual birthday party is coming up so it would be good if I wasn't blind or mutilated during the celebrations.

Anyway. Enjoy the videos, late though they may be.

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