Sunday, March 7, 2010

Haircut Pictures

We went and got Gwen's hair cut on Saturday morning. It doesn't actually look all that different: about half an inch was taken off the back and sides, but because the curls make it look so much shorter than it is, you can hardly tell. It is much more manageable, however, and much healthier. Tomorrow, we'll find out if we can still put ponytails in it.
For now, we are relieved to know she's still ridiculously cute. (DUH.)


Kat said...

very cute indeed.

Amberism said...

hee! And the curls are still there!

Did the pigtails work?!

adequatemom said...

Amber, I didn't get a chance to try the pigtails this morning because Gwen slept in past the time when I left for work. In fact, she slept till nearly 8:30!! Turns out she caught Grannie and Grandpa's cold, thus the extra sleep. Poor kid.

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the new hair cut!


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