Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pregnancy Calendar

We looked after Teagan for a couple of hours this morning, and as a thank-you gift Greg and Sue gave us this very sweet Pregnancy Calendar. You fill in the dates yourself and each page tells you all kinds of info on what is happening with baby, what kinds of things to do to prepare, etc. But the most fun part, by far, is the stickers.It comes with 96 stickers that you can place on the calendar squares as needed. "Ultrasound Today", "Jeans Don't Fit", "Felt Baby Move", etc. Lovely stuff. But the set is really not complete.

For one thing, it only provides one each of the following: Morning Sickness, Headache, Backache, Heartburn, Low Energy, Feeling Blue, Totally Exhausted. One is not nearly enough - this is seriously misleading to would-be mothers! There is also only one "Feeling Better" sticker, which I guess you are only supposed to use after you are sure every last symptom is gone for good, because that's the only sticker of its kind.Also, I looked long and hard, but there is no "Threw Up At Yoga Class" sticker. Nor "Breasts Feel Like Rocks" or "Hormonally-Fuelled Argument with Daddy". These are serious omissions!

And what about the day that your protein craving was so strong you polished off three giant hamburgers? There should at the least be a "Food Craving" sticker. "Libido Confirmed Dead"? Who can forget that day? These omissions seem especially shocking when you consider there is a sticker for "New Shoes".

Another amusing feature is that there are several stickers relating to the birth of the baby: "Water Broke", "Contractions Start", "Went to Hospital" and "It's a Boy"/"It's a Girl". There's only room for one sticker on each square, so I guess I have to drag labour out for four days in order to fit these all in.

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