Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to be an Amazing Husband/Dad

I often mention that Chris is an incredibly supportive husband and involved dad, but I don't often talk about what that actually means. I was thinking that I should break it down for you, just in case there are any dads-to-be out there who are wondering how to do an awesome job, or any new moms who might want to leave this list lying around conspicuously for their partners to read.

How to be an Amazing Husband & Dad

1. Chris will often give Gwen a bottle (breast milk or formula). A couple of times a week, he will put her to bed (my most hated task) and take the night feeds so I can get a good night's sleep.
2. On nights when I'm 'on duty', he will often bring Gwen into the bed to nurse so I don't even have to get up. Now that's love.
3. When Gwen is nursing, Chris always asks me if there's anything I need (a drink, a book, the TV remote, etc.)
4. Then as the nursing continues, Chris will take care of the tasks I can't do because I'm busy nursing: the dishes, the laundry, making dinner, etc.
5. I've been leaving Gwen with her dad for at least an hour or so a week since she was 5 weeks old. I've gone to massages, yoga classes, hair appointments and of course the ubiquitous marathon training walks. He has never, ever complained or grumbled about this.
6. Chris has come along to every doctor's visit and immunization appointment that Gwen has had. He has missed work to do this every time.
7. He often confirms that my post-baby body is still attractive, but doesn't complain about the lack of sex.
8. When it comes to decisions regarding Gwen, Chris is actively involved and informed. While those decisions that heavily involve me (such as breastfeeding) are ultimately mine to make, we discuss them first and then Chris gives his full support to whatever I decide (even if it isn't what he would have chosen).
9. He's the one person I know is just as interested as I am in having lengthy conversations about how beautiful, brilliant, perfect, and incredible our daughter is.
10. Chris absolutely adores Gwen and genuinely enjoys spending time with her. He sings to her, plays games with her, makes her laugh, and helps her learn new skills. He tells her he's proud of her and shows off pictures of her to everyone he knows. He loves being her dad, and it really shows.

For those moms out there whose partners are similarly amazing/awesome/stellar ... what have I missed? What do your partners do that just blows your socks off?

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kitt16201 said...

Sound like you have an awesome husband. It makes all the difference doesn't it?

My husband was a terrific cheerleader when I had trouble breastfeeding. He kept me going through some rough spots and always made me feel like I could do it (even when I couldn't).

The best thing he ever did was quit his job to stay home with our son for two years. He cooked, cleaned and made sure our boy was happy and healthy. He has volunteered to do it again with our second and I am thrilled. He is truly amazing. I am lucky to have him.


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