Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another One of Those Days, and It's Not Even Noon

Chris is far, far away today in Alert Bay. I don't even know where this place is, but I understand he has to drive for several hours then take a ferry (which only goes four times a day) and then spend a couple of hours there and then come all the way back (being careful to arrive on time for the ferry of course). This means he is gone from 5am until 9pm. My first day as a single parent!

And oh, my Lord, it's 11:30am and I am ready to eat my offspring. Because heaven knows I'm not eating anything else. Other mommies, please tell me - do you eat when your babies are awake? Because part of the problem is that I don't eat until she naps, so when she decides to delay her morning nap I become increasingly STARVING and grouchy as a result. When my lactation consultant suggested the other day that I nap when Gwen naps, I laughed and told her that if I did that, I would never get to eat (let alone deal with the million and one other things that need to get done around here). Anyway, please do tell me if your babies allow you to eat when they are awake, because mine will not - she makes the horrendous crying noise when she is awake and I am not paying attention to her.

I finally told her, "Gwen, I am going to go eat breakfast, and if you are still screaming when I get back then I'll think of something else to do." She shrieked for six minutes solid, and then fell asleep. WTF?


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't eating much. I would continue with the "I'm going to eat and if you are still screaming when I return I will deal with it" approach.
Seems to work out okay.

Alert Bay is across the water from my house. Chris will be 1 minute from my house when he gets on and off the ferry and if he knew what my house looked like, he could see it from the ferry. P.S. It's not really really far away, just a little far.


Amberism said...

That's exactly what I do. I take a shower, and if they scream the entire time, so be it. I'm showering.

I eat eggs-on-toast with a coffee, every morning. They wait. They now know to wait, in the beginning both of them cried and carried on. I ignored them.

I'm very good at ignoring, though. It's a special skill I have :). Plus, I feel confident in the 5 minutes it takes me to eat breakfast they will not die, or starve to death, no matter how much they seem to think they will. Their dramatics do not work on me.

I'm the same about the car, too. I never pull over. Ever. Nor do I reach back and pick things up/hand things over/etc. If you throw your cup, well you won't do that again, will you? Unless you don't want to see that cup for however long the car is moving.

of course, I'm not such a hard ass that I can let Claire cry to sleep... ~shrug~

Reesh said...

One word "BUMBO" It's seriously the best thing in the world for helping you eat and cook and do anything else at a height that babies don't normally get to hang out at. I know you're not supposed to put your baby in the bumbo and then put it on the counter beside you, but sometimes you just have to do what works.

Other than the bumbo I would suggest having her in a baby carrier like an ergo or cuddly wrap or sling or whatever suits your needs. They really just want to be on you and to be seeing what you're doing and i have made more than my fair share of meals with a baby strapped to my back.

Good luck and I hope you get some food in you soon...

P.S. Where on Vancouver Island are you? You can e-mail me if you don't want to post the info. I'm just curious since we're island buddies - reachreesh at gmail dot com

P.P.S. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog today! That really was so sweet of you to say.


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