Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And All The Sane People Said, "It's About Bloody Time"

Gwen will be five months old tomorrow. We've been weighing her about twice a week since she was two months old, based on the recommendation of healthcare professionals. We have quite a bit of data on her weight.

And whether you take a big-picture or closely detailed view of it all, one thing is becoming increasingly obvious: the only times that Gwen gains weight appropriately are when we aggressively supplement her with formula. On the flip side of that coin, we can see that every time we have cut back on her formula in hopes that my supply would increase, Gwen's weight has stalled or even dropped.

So, we're done with trying to fight the inevitable. When my current bottle of Domperidone is empty, I'm not getting a refill. When my ucky herbal tincture runs out, I'm not ordering more. And when Gwen finishes nursing, she's damn well getting a bottle.

This is incredibly liberating. I feel really good about the decisions we've made, up to and including this one. Calling in a lactation consultant allowed me to feel that I really had done everything possible to maximize my nursing potential. And deciding not to follow her advice, but to go back to the one thing we know works for Gwen - a bottle after every feed - feels healthy and sane as well.

This doesn't feel like an end, but a new beginning. And it does kind of feel like it's about bloody time.


kitt16201 said...

Go girl!

Amberism said...

I'm glad that it has all come together for you guys! It's a difficult and personal decision, and those types of decisions always take time, so I'm not surprised that it's been 5 months of discovery. I think that just shows your strength of character and the love you clearly have for your daughter.

Kat said...

You clearly rule.

Anonymous said...

When does she start on solid foods? Surely some time soon now? (websites seem to say 4-6 months) Hopefully that will help with the weight gain too.

sarapants said...

Yay for decisions that make you feel good! Yay for Gwen gaining weight regardless of what she's drinking! Yay for liberation!
I'm glad that you've come to a decision that you feel good about and that also, happily enough, results in a healthy baby girl. Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

Amen! To this lovely freeing news and to the Christening.


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