Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yoga Baby

Yes, I did prenatal yoga while I was pregnant with Gwen, but I had no idea she would actually learn anything there. Then again, she is surprisingly advanced.

This is a pose that Gwen does *constantly* - if you have seen her awake and not in someone's lap, you've probably seen her do this pose. Her head hardly ever rests on the floor, and we figure she's going to have killer ab muscles. It's "Half-Boat Pose".

Another one she's picked up recently is "Plank Pose". I especially like the look she's giving in the second picture, like she's losing patience with that student in the back who just isn't paying attention to her demonstration.

And finally, the only name I know for this one is "Superman Pose". In this picture she is not actually doing the full pose, but this is actually the way we do it in the Gentle class, so it's good enough for me.

She does "Downward Dog" all the time too, but I've yet to get a picture of it.

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