Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Busy (But Fun!) Day

This morning I finally got to take Gwen to her swimming lesson. Again, as soon as we got into the pool's changing room, she started hooting with excitement. She really does love the water. The lesson was good, we did some singing and some games and some splashing and so on. AND I did indeed dunk Gwen's head under the water! She didn't swallow half the pool as I feared, but she did look a little flustered and confused. Naturally I was instructed by the teacher to give Gwen huge praise and smiles and excitement no matter what she did, because if she came out of the water to see me looking frightened then she would get scared, so I complied and hooted with glee. What fun.

After swimming, we came home and Gwen had a good long nap, then we went out to visit my friend Amber, whom I hadn't seen since summer. We had a good chat about sleep and breastfeeding and husbands and housework and oh, so many things. Good times.

After Gwen went to bed this evening, I cooked a huge batch of pasta to freeze in single-serving portions because this is basically the only way I get to eat. I managed to badly burn my hand in the process and it is excrutiatingly painful unless it is constantly under cold water or being blown on. Not sure how I'm going to manage to sleep, but in any case typing is pretty agonizing, so I'm going to stop now! G'night.

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