Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, it finally happened. It's happened to many of my mommyfriends and my day finally came. Gwen fell off our bed when I turned my back to put away some laundry.

Damn, but that girl moves quick these days.

She seems to be fine. She cried for only a couple of minutes, and judging by the tone and pace of her crying it sounded a whole lot more like fear than pain. Her behaviour for the rest of the evening was normal so I don't think she jostled her brain or anything.

My first thought was to rush her to the emergency room, till I remembered my friend Amanda telling me she'd done that for her daughter Evangeline, and that the doctors had sent her home unless Ev demonstrated any strange behaviour. So I learned from that. Not soon enough to prevent my daughter from falling off the bed, of course.

So, yeah. I guess this means I should stop leaving her on the change table while I go flush her Bio-Soft diaper liners too, eh?


Jen said...

Ouch! Poor Gwen. But yes, you are right. Anderson has already fallen off the couch...

Amberism said...

They are bouncy! Bouncy little balls of cute!

(and my eldest fell off the kitchen counter onto the lino-on-slab, and a couple times rolled into the sink, and off the ottoman. Apparently, I am a very, very slow learner).

and yup, definitely time to stop leaving her on the table, now. That was the warning!


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