Monday, May 26, 2008

Amusing Horoscope

I have another post in mind I'd like to write, about focussing on the positive and why I haven't been doing that. Maybe I'll get to write it later. In the meantime, though, I've had a really rough day with Gwen as she didn't go down for her nap until 2:30pm instead of 10am as is her usual habit. And today's horoscope, which just happened to pop up on my Google, says:

Work may be complicated by schedule changes or unclear direction from your boss. Or, perhaps, you simply feel unappreciated and underpaid. But just because things may not be running as smoothly as you wish, don't assume that everything is falling apart. If you can shift your thinking to see the potential instead of the problems, you will be able to turn a tough period into a productive one.

Word to your ever-lovin' mother.

PS: I really wanted someone to note down my Google horoscope on Gwen's birth date, because I'd read it that morning and it said something to the effect of "if you just relax and go with what's happening, you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible." Awesome! But no one had time to do it, because I was quite a demanding labouring woman.

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Anonymous said...

Your horoscope is awesome. You've got such a demanding boss!


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