Sunday, December 9, 2007

19 weeks pregnant

What’s happening with baby this week:
- Permanent teeth are forming behind milk teeth buds
- can make conscious muscle movements, such as sucking the thumb
- developing millions of motor neurons, which connect muscles to the brain
- skin is developing and transparent
- vernix caseosa is forming; this protects baby's skin from the aquatic environment of the womb
- arms and legs have reached proportionate length
- feet are one inch long (aww!)

The baby is 6 to 8 inches long and weighs about 8 ounces. Weight will increase more than 15 times between now and birth.

Random Food Item to describe baby’s size: a large heirloom tomato

Symptoms to expect:
- itchy skin
- stretch marks
- backache
- blotchy skin (pregnancy mask)
- leg cramps
- swelling of feet or ankles

Symptoms I’m having:
- belly has definitely "popped"! I love it. It's also easy for me (or others) to feel the outline of the uterus, which has grown a lot in the last few weeks!
- sore hips continue
- occasional low backache
- feeling something that might be baby movements! :-D

Things I’m looking forward to: Things are pretty damn good right now, actually, and I'm really enjoying where I'm at. I don't mind friends touching or rubbing my belly, in fact I'm having fun showing it off! I'm excited about seeing my family's reaction when they see me in a week.

For evidence of my belly's growth, check my latest Flikr pic!

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