Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three Quick Takes

1. I have an Etsy store now. I sell things like the above, all handmade by me. Please come check it out and pass on the link. Also, if you actually know me in person, you can buy direct from me and save paying the Etsy commission. Not only is this an excellent creative outlet for my stressful life, but it's kind of nice to make a bit of pocket money.

2. I have to talk at church tomorrow. I did not volunteer, but neither did I say no, when I was asked to speak to my experiences with the Advent Conspiracy and challenge the congregation to donate monies towards clean water. I'm really really nervous. "Why are you so nervous? You've done this all before!" Yes. At a different church. Yeah ... I kind of never told you guys I changed churches, did I? I did. And I'm brand new and I'm going to get up and talk and no one even knows who I am and I'm nervous. Let's change the subject now.

3. It snowed last night. This morning we made the tiniest snowman ever. Then Gwen ate its head. Not even kidding.

(Look very carefully, near her right foot is our tiny snowman. What's left of him.)


Ben & Charlene said...

My name is Charlene and I met you at a baby backpacking group in 2009. You gave me a card that had your blog site on it and I like reading about your adventures in parenting and life. I was just reading about the giving cans and I really like the idea. I'm thinking I would like to start that as a family tradition. Do you happen to have cans for sale?? I can't even imagine sorting out how to do that on a computer with my skill level! I can certainly just make up a family can but if you happen to have them for sale, I'd be keen to buy one.

adequatemom said...

Hi Charlene! So happy to know you'd like to try the Advent Conspiracy at home. It is a great tradition. I'd be happy to pass on a can to you at no cost. Can you email me at and we can work out the details of how to get the can to you.


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