Monday, November 21, 2011

Meme Monday

For NaBloPoMo, I decided to update my old "100 Things About Me" list and run 25 items for each of the Mondays in November. Here is part three.

The best way to my heart is through my funny bone.
I have always known how to spell.
I don't like talking on the phone in front of other people. I don't know why.
Also, I only use my left ear when talking on the phone.
My parents sent me to a psychiatrist when I was little. I have never asked them why - or why they stopped.
I think everyone in the world could benefit from some good counselling. It should be as accessible and de-stigmatized as massage or dentistry.
I don't have any secrets to send PostSecret, because I talk too much.
My best friend is a man who is not my husband.
I haven't slept with him, either.
I think people who complain that it's way past the year 2000 and we don't have any flying cars deserve a smack upside the head.
I love stand-up comedy.
I often offend people without meaning to.
Also, people have a hard time differentiating my sincere tone and my sarcastic tone.
I don't drink or smoke, and never have.
I have a strong aversion to the non-word "hubby". It just makes me cringe.
I have a rage reaction to misquoted idioms such as "for all intensive purposes" and "once and a while".
If I make a mistake while typing and don't notice it until I've typed a few more words, I won't use the mouse to selectively correct it. Instead, I use the backspace key and delete all the correct words back to the mistake.
I find the plots of horror movies compelling, but I can't actually watch them without sustaining mental damage and losing a great deal of sleep.
I never get the fitted sheet aligned right on the first try.
I don't understand the need to call things other than what they are (Crappy Tire, compu-tor, Home Despot,etc. Why?)
I am scared of those weird inflatable flappity people they use to advertise sales at sports stores.
I give blood as often as possible.
I believe in vaccinations and I usually get my flu shot.
I once yelled at someone from the Health Authority because they wouldn't tell me where to get my flu shot.
Two weeks later, I had a job with the Health Authority.


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