Friday, January 8, 2010

The Video of Gwen Losing Her Mind on Christmas Eve

Toddler + both sets of grandparents + presents + staying up late = this.

(I tried FIVE SEPARATE TIMES to upload this video via Blogger. Basically, every time I have been at home and the toddler has been asleep, I have done this. Every day for a full week. Every time? BLOGGER HAS FAILED ME. So I finally turned to Youtube, where I got it uploaded in under 20 minutes. And now as I am posting the embed code, it tells me there's an error. I am hoping like hell that it resolves itself by the time anyone wants to watch the video. Otherwise, I'm locking myself in the bathroom with a box of chocolates and I'm not coming out until summer.)

(Why does the Internet hate me?)


yagowe said...

Dude, your daughter is CRAZY.

~so much love~

rheadeja said...

Gwen's impression of bacon!!

Pistolleer said...

She's ready for the WCW; nice canvas slams.


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