Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday Five!

1. Today is my Friday! Which is to say, it's the last day of my work week. Tomorrow I am taking Gwen to her second Mother Goose class. Hooray! Last week we discovered that the new rec centre at which the class is held has the most kick-ass playground either of us had ever seen. So tomorrow I will remember to bring her outside shoes and after class she can play as long as she wants! Hooray for activities that wear out children and make them happy while they're doing it.

2. We had a genuinely awesome weekend last weekend, and Chris says it was because we had a complete and utter lack of plans. We'll get a chance to do it again this weekend, too. I definitely enjoy lack-of-plan weekends, though I wouldn't go so far as to echo Chris's sentiment that all weekends should be like that. I do like having a social life, too.

3. I know the difference between the words "breathe" and "breath". Also, "lose" and "loose". Many people don't. I no longer fly into a rage when I see these words misused, but it makes me a little bit sad that something at which I possess skill is no longer considered to be of any value.

4. Gwen's newest word/concept is "different". She doesn't want that show, she wants a different one. She doesn't want that song, she wants a different one. She doesn't want that toy, she wants a different one. This has not yet crossed the line from fascinating new cognitive skill to Princess Syndrome, mostly because we respond with "Go get it yourself, then."

5. Gwen also really likes to bring me her baby and help me change her baby's diaper. "Baby, change bum," she says. Her baby is a Cabbage Patch Kid purchased by her grannie from a distant relative who buys such dolls, knits outfits for them, and then sells them for like $2 more than what she bought them for. The doll happens to have blue eyes and brown hair just like Gwen, and she loves it, so that's cool. I remember reading the doll's name on the adoption certificate, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, though I can tell you that my own childhood CPK was named Mandy Karbel and her "birthday" was one day after mine (though, obviously, in a different year). Anyway, this whole digression is just to ask whether Cabbage Patch Kids always came with little plasticy diapers that you can actually remove and replace, because while I remember Mandy's name I can't remember ever ministering to her in this way. On the other hand, Gwen and I change her baby's bum several times a day. I guess I should learn the kid's name.


Sally said...

Yes, CPKs did come with plastic diapers. They were newborn size and one of the mothers in my neighbourhood invested in a package of diapers so we could change our dolls' diapers. My CPK (which I bought with my own money when I was seven) came with the anem Wilhelmina Astrid (clearly a Dutch doll) but I changed her name to Rachel. I don't remember her date of birth.

And there are plenty of professions in which your ability to tell the difference between breath, breathe, lose, and loose are highly valued. Like mine.

yagowe said...

Somehow I still remember the name of my sister's CPK: Leoni Delta.

Amberism said...

Matthew was mine, and Ashley Rebecca was the handmade CPK my Mom made. The doll that everyone visibly cringes at when they see it now, but damn, I loved that doll. Clearly. It's the only doll I kept.

I can't remember Matthew's middle name to save my life and am in awe that the other readers can!

Claire got this backpack to carry around her doll Stella, and for a while there after Christmas I had to pack the real diaper bag, and then Stella's. I didn't find this especially cute when I was rushing out of the house and Claire is yelling "STELLA BOTTLE! STELLA BOTTLE!". Like I have time to look for a bottle for the damn doll.

What I'm saying is I can relate to having to change a doll's diaper ;).

And point #3 is one of the reasons I think the average blogger doesn't turn book author especially well ;).


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