Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap 2009

Christmas Eve: hanging stockings with Mom.

Went to church and participated in the Christmas pageant. Re-enacted the part of the angel who ran around the church saying hello to people, made snoring noises at the baby Jesus, and clapped after all the Christmas carols.

Christmas Eve at Grandpa Keith and Gramma Karen's.

A wee bit hyper to be surrounded by all her grandparents. Oh, and presents.

Snuggles from Grannie Maureen.
Christmas morning at home.
A wee bit overwhelmed that all this present-opening business isn't over yet.
Anytime you want to make waffles with berries and whipped cream? Gwen will totally help you eat them. She just wanted you to know that.

Playing with Dad and her new puppy, Violet, which was her "big gift" from us.

The one and only picture of Gwen in the Christmas dress she got from Gramma and Grandpa - the girl is growing way too fast. She is frowning here because she has been refused chocolate.

Christmas dinner! That I made! (This is only part of it.)

Pretty dishes and cheap-ass centrepiece.

This is what a Christmas tree looks like after two weeks in a house with a toddler. Please note you can see exactly how high Gwen can reach on the tree: the top half looks perfect.

Christmas was exactly what I hoped it would be. Gwen got to revel in attention and love from all her grandparents, and not only did she get spoiled with gifts, but they are all gifts I heartily approve of and that will be fun for her for a long time to come. Auntie Sara got her a bunch of art supplies, Grannie and Grandpa got her a table and chairs, we got her the dog pictured above, Gramma and Grandpa got her a car playmat with some cars ... and much, much more.
Christmas dinner went well, though it was a lot of work and I am still not sure where I went wrong with the turkey (it turned out fine, but about 40 minutes later than it was supposed to be). Our dishwasher ran 5 times on Christmas Day and another 3 on Boxing Day .... how did people ever do Christmas Dinner without dishwashers?)
The past week has been heavenly as both Chris and I are off work. We've been tidying and putting things away, taking down Christmas and catching up on laundry, but mostly we've had a LOT of relaxing. (And a lot of stuffing our faces with leftovers and Christmas chocolates.) Tomorrow we are once again leaving Gwen with the incredibly generous grandparents and going out for New Year's Eve.
I hope your Christmas season is/was stuffed full of whatever delights you desire.


Sally said...

I am amused that you think people no longer "do" Christmas Day without dishwashers.

Glad it was such a successful event! Congratulations!


Amberism said...

I do not know what the cheese dish is, but man, I want to eat it.

And my family just had a nice laugh about the Angel - totally awesome ;).

I can't say I got all toys I approve of, that says a lot! My family did take a huge step forward. HUGE.

adequatemom said...

Amber - part of the reason I "approve" of all the toys, is because my standards are much more relaxed than yours. (This, in turn, is a result of my family being much less likely to follow orders.) The cheese dish is Emeril's scalloped potatoes - super yummy! How 'bout I bring you some when I come to meet Baby #3?

Amberism said...

Scalloped potatos are probably one of my most favorite foods! I knew there was a reason I very desperately wanted to eat it! Yay for me!!


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