Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Third Place: Heather & the Heater

Third place in our Miraculous Giveaway goes to Heather. Heather has the distinction of being the farthest-away contestant, as she is from Wisconsin(which according to one source is "The Badger State").

Heather writes:

My favorite and most useful item for my daughter's first 3 months of life has been the space heater. Yes! I know! The space heater. She was born December 6th, in WI, so obviously it's freezing. When we first brought her home, she was like any normal baby, not wanting to sleep in her crib. So her and I nursed and slept in a chair. I would get SO cold after breastfeeding, that I needed that heater blasting on me. Then after we fell asleep in the chair, it was lovely to have it warm and toasty.

The space heater also came in handy when the little one had a bout of diarrhea at a week old. Which of course burned her butt up and gave her horrid diaper rash. So I would put her in the bathroom on a stack of towels, naked. The space heater warming the room nicely while her butt healed. She still loves her naked time, still with the space heater. We love that darn space heater.


Heather was kind enough to include a picture of the lovely Annabelle.

Say it with me now: AWWWWW!!

You can read more of Heather and Annabelle's adventures at Heathrow's World. Thanks for your entry, Heather!


Amberism said...


(and I need the pattern to that hat because that hat? To. Die. For. Adorable.!)

Heathrow's World said...

The bonnet was a garage sale purchase by my mom in MI. So I have no idea who made it. But we have a lovely little sweater to match :)


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