Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday I woke up thinking, "You know, when this pregnancy thing is over I will miss some aspects of it, just a little bit."

Today, I woke up thinking, "Damn, how long is it till I can start sleeping on my stomach again?"

I have a new and fascinating symptom going on the past few nights. I really don't know what it is - it feels kind of like there's a blockage of some sort in my throat/upper chest, preventing me from breathing. It seems to be worse in the evenings, and is aggravated incredibly by lying down - I guess this is why some pregnant women start sleeping in recliner chairs, so they can stay upright. Last night I was propped up with two normal pillows plus my Snoogle pregnancy pillow just to feel like I could breathe. When I fall asleep I toss and turn, which results in the pillows no longer being positioned just so, which results in me not breathing, so I wake up.

I am now starting to look forward to the day when I get my body back (though I know, with breastfeeding and recovering from birth, that this is a ways off yet). At least once a week I indulge in fantasizing about how nice it would be to take Ibuprofen for the nasty pain in my hip. Thinking of sleeping on my stomach again brings a wistful smile to my face. The concept of only throwing up when I'm actually sick is very appealing - it would be so nice to go home sick after throwing up at work instead of getting back to my desk and carrying on with my day.

I have about 90 days left to be pregnant. I can feel grateful for the pregnancy (and its end result) and simultaneously feel a tugging anticipation of those post-partum days, right?


Vanessa said...

Of all the pregnancy experiences that you and other moms-to-be have shared with me, I must say, the random throwing up has got to be the one I am looking forward to the very least.

I think your simultaneous gratitute for the experience of pregnancy and looking forward to having your body be all yours again some day soon are very reasonable. =)

adequatemom said...

Vanessa, not everyone gets the random throwing up experience. Some women go through the entire 40 weeks without so much as a wave of nausea.

And if you turn out to be one of those women, I won't even hate you one bit!

Vanessa said...

Hah! Promise?

adequatemom said...

I absolutely promise, cross my heart!


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