Friday, July 12, 2013

My Kid [Still] Can't Sit

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Back in the day, the long-ago days when Gwen was a toddler, she couldn't sit.  "Sitting unassisted for a period of time" was a six-month milestone, and she didn't meet it.  Looking back, I don't feel like I was super worried about this, but maybe I was - I was pretty crazy/hormonal/stressed out about motherhood during that period.  I *do* remember that I had a hard time explaining it to people, who kept misinterpreting me and believing that Gwen couldn't sit still.  No, the problem was that she couldn't SIT AT ALL.

Sitting on hip, not bum.
So at eight months old, Gwen became that rarest of children: a child who can crawl but cannot sit.  "They" say that sitting helps toddlers develop the core strength necessary for crawling, but apparently Gwen wanted to prove them wrong, because she learned to crawl at least a month before she could sit.  Weird, right?

(Spoiler: she finally started sitting at nine months old.)

Here's something even weirder.  Gwen is STILL not so keen on sitting.  Here are some photos taken over the past several weeks.  In every photo, Gwen is watching a movie on TV, so has every reason to be comfortable, stationary, and, you know, facing the screen.  Generally in cases like these, people turn to "SITTING" as a solution.  Not Gwen.

In Gwen's near future: sitting in a kindergarten classroom and doing 'desk work'.  I can't wait to see how that goes.

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Dillen said...

OMG that was me when I was younger!

Let me guess, she sleeps in weird positions like that too, to the extent that you have bevies of pictures of her "How could she possibly find that comfortable?"

Can sometimes be due to lacking conditioning/naturally weaker muscles in the legs/trunk (see W sitting). Only thing to do is to strengthen/move the muscles as much as possible.


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