Friday, January 6, 2012

Woozy Snoozing

I enjoyed a lovely coffee date (well, hot chocolate date, actually) with a friend earlier this week and we shared stories of our Christmases. She told me about her young niece asking for - and receiving - a training bra, which caused us both to reflect on how eager children are to grow up, and how if they really understood what was waiting for them in the grown-up world, they might feel differently. I've said to dozens of people in the past weeks that Gwen's responses on Christmas were everything you would want a child to experience and say: "Oh, WOW! Just what I wanted! THANK YOU!" over and over again. So enthusiastic, so guileless. So effortlessly able to believe in magic.

Meanwhile, in the grown up world, we struggle with difficult decisions, we spend hours every day doing things that not only fail to feed our souls, but may actually grind them down, we worry about commutes and paycheques and time management and relationships and priorities and investments and the price of gas, not to mention the new depression, global warming, media saturation, discipline methods, and the public education system. To name a few.

But you, sweet child, keep sleeping. Keep dreaming of rocketships and fairies and robots and cupcakes and a world full of adventure. Don't hurry too fast towards that grown up world. Let's just stay here and snooze a little longer.

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