Monday, March 7, 2011

I Need a Tissue!

I found a little video clip illustrating Gwen's imaginary play fixation, "I need a tissue," which I wrote about in her recent newsletter. Even better, this clip demonstrates her consistently high-pitched voice, something I recently ranted to a friend about via email:

"Sound is coming out of her mouth, nonstop, for the 12(ish) hours of every day that she is awake. IT. NEVER. STOPS. And even when it is cheerful, sing-songy noise, it is still NOISE, usually high-pitched and irritating, and sometimes I can't take it! Especially when I have to somehow cut into that nonstop noise and try to get her to focus on whatever I'm trying to get her to do: put on her jacket, brush her teeth, clean up her toys, wash her hands, hold still, hold still, hold still, HOLD STILL. It's maddening."

My favourite thing about this clip, though, is how Gwen's friend Claire is totally dumbfounded by the tissue fixation and refuses to play along.


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

That is hilarious. I LOVE that her friend thought this was ridiculous and not worth indulging! Preschool socializing at its best!

Amberism said...

hehehehe, I enjoy the high-pitched "tissue" she says! hee!


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