Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Five

1. I've invented a new term to describe a certain type of workday: "cracklin'". It's a cracklin' day if nothing in particular goes wrong, but you are busy-busy-busy, fielding requests from all corners of the office and from other team members via phone and email, with hardly a chance to catch your breath, and it kind of feels like surfing (I imagine?) as you pull together your mental and physical energies to stay on top of the wave instead of crashing underneath it. That's the kind of day I had today and yesterday and it tends to leave me somewhat exhilirated but also somewhat discombobulated, as I don't have enough time to adequately process all the goings-on. It can be a crazy-fast pace and I guess I'm still not used to it - though I do enjoy it, and wouldn't change a thing.

I have no coherent reason for choosing the term cracklin'. It just feels right.

2. Last weekend, I bought a box of 94 snack-size chocolate bars for Halloween. Not for the trick-or-treaters, mind you, but for me and Chris to share while watching scary silly movies on Sunday night. I now have no idea where the damn thing is. Let me be clear: I am not voicing the familiar refrain, "Oh my heavens, where DID that Halloween candy go!?" as a euphemism for "I ate it all," or even "My bratty family ate it all." No, that box wasn't even opened. I did not open it; Chris would not open it; and Gwen could not open it. I am not describing a lack of will-power, I'm describing a complete lack of brain-power to remind myself of the safe place I must have hid the thing. 35: it's the new 70.

3. Gwen visited our naturopath today for an in-depth allergy test. After two solid years of second-guessing, we now know she is NOT allergic (nor sensitive, nor intolerant) to dairy. Dr. Karen performed tests on many substances and Gwen had no reactions whatsoever - "not even borderline," was how Karen described it. That is not to say that allergies or sensitivities will not crop up later, but for now, she is free and clear. That is a relief for me. The main reason I wanted this test is that we are heading into cold and flu season. Gwen spent the October through March season last year with one infection after another, and I'd really like to avoid that this year: I'd been told there can be a link between lactose intolerance and a weakened immune system, so I thought I'd eliminate that possibility right off the bat. The absence of allergies is, of course, great news: however, we still need to figure out how to keep her well this winter.

4. Gwen's sleep is still sucking. We've put a 15watt bulb in her overhead light and allow her to leave this on all night for comfort. This is a perfect compromise as it ensures that the lighting in her room is never quite what it ought to be. It's never dark enough for her to get a good, deep sleep, so she wakes up hours earlier than she should. And it's never light enough for me to comfortably see to put away her laundry, change her diaper, or read her a story. I crave bright lights so I really find it dismal in there. We are also using aromatherapy (lavender pillow and spritz for her bed), glow sticks, and lying: "I have to go tuck Dada in now, but I'll be back to check on you soon." It's a rickety system and it's not long-term: I'm just not sure how to make any positive changes.

5. It's October 29th and I still have no idea what Gwen is going to be for Halloween. Here's why: every time I ask her, she has a different answer. These have included pirate, doctor, ballerina, pig, ghost, kitty-cat, and more. I finally gave up trying to get a straight answer and my plan is to lay out two or three of her costumes and ask her to choose. (We have a pretty decent dress-up box, so I can get away with this.) I'm secretly hoping she chooses the giraffe costume, because it would be ADORABLE and also? Her great-aunt started this scrapbook for her about things that begin with G, and now I have to finish the scrapbook* and a page about Gwen being dressed as a giraffe would be perfect. Ghost would also be good, but that costume I'm pretty sure will still fit next year.

*Seriously, what kind of gift is that? GAHHH THE PRESSURE.


Amberism said...

My kids have this nightlight that is plugged into the wall, yes, but it's behind a bookshelf. It's pretty dim and they seem to sleep well enough, although when I check on them I turn it off. Did you give up on the nightlight idea?

I slept with the hall light on, um, basically my entire life until Steve started sleeping in my bed. Now I feel confident that Steve will protect me from all harm. Or you know, with Steve there the evil has two options and I'm banking they'll conduct their evil experiments on him and leave me alone. When he's not here I still turn on the hall light. I totally get Gwen :).

Another thing I've heard that might be worth researching is melatonin, you can apparently take it like a vitamen, and it is supposed to help with sleep too (I've heard... I have no cold, hard facts).

My day was not cracklin', but I love those days, and I LOVE that word.

Anonymous said...

Though I, too, love the word cracklin' I can now only think of the word's true meaning round these here parts in the South: ie deep fried pig fat.
Something that David, for no reason that is apparent to me, loves to eat. Like in his mouth.

There is, in fact, a cracklin' festival not too far away from here in 2 weeks:

Unknown said...

You may also look at putting in a dimmer switch. They are very easy to put in, will allow you to control the light that you need when you need it and may even allow you to keep it even dimmer for her sleep without being too dark.


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