Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Five Things That Are Making Me Ridiculously Happy

No Wordless Wednesday today, because my camera's memory card is MIA. That is, notably, not one of the things that is making me happy.

1. I totally and completely love my new job. I have been here four months now and feel like I've found my feet. My colleagues appreciate me, the work is fascinating and worthwhile, there is a great deal of flexibility, and they've even paid for me to take training in Microsoft Access which I have been coveting for years.

2. I recently fought and won a battle with the Union and Human Resources to have the year I worked in a 'temporary' position recognized for wage increment purposes. Which means, I got a raise a year earlier than they wanted to give it to me, and I'll get raises for the next two years as well.

3. Gwen is thoroughly and completely entertaining. She has a great sense of humour and just brings us so much joy and laughter. Plus, she has finally started saying "I love you" without prompting. I love that she is at an age to entertain herself a great deal, and that her imagination is starting to take off. I can't believe some of the things she comes up with.

4. I love the way I am spending my evenings. Doing craft projects with friends, watching movies with Chris, working on schoolwork - it's so fantastic to feel like I am filling my time with activities that reward me and my family, rather than take away from us. Selfish, perhaps, but my soul was well overdue for a good feeding. I feel very free.

5. The deck and garden are looking fantastic. As a result of this and the hot weather, Gwen is having the sort of summer I've always wanted her to have: one spent outside, goofing around and having adventures. The fact that I get to sit in a deck chair and read doesn't hurt either.

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